Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things are actually happening

Im doing this from my phone, so of there are typos I'm really sorry :) Auto-correct for ye lose, right? Regardless, this week has been a good week and I've learned a bunch of lessons. The first thing that's hitting me stronger and stronger every day is how things are actually happening. It's dead week right now, the week before finals. Well, the n of ye semester still seems a little surreal to me. I know it in my head, but I haven't comprehended yet that in a week and a half, I start my internship, this semester will be over, and I'll be married faster than I can sneeze. Mike did a fantastic job on the wedding announcements :). Just ... Wow ... I'm getting married! Well, I have exciting news! I'm going to the temple to receive my endowment tomorrow! It's a crazy story, and I've leaned a lot, so here goes: I have been planning this entre engagement to just get endowed a week before the wedding. Not a big deal, right? Well, ye other day it dawned on me that because I'll be moving into our apartment alone for three weeks, that would be a great time to go through the temple; having God on my mind at work, and t home, would be a great way to deal with the loneliness and intense pressure I'm expecting as our wedding draws near. Well, after talking to Rachel about this, it felt good, so ... Strate looking into getting endowed on finals week. Well, Bishop was okay with that on Sunday! So ... I called my grandpa to get things worked out. He couldnt do it on finals week. What do I do? This is where the lesson comes in. I figured I'd try to get endowed this week, but I felt strongly like I was throwing my time table on the Lord's, so I didn't expect anything to happen. Well, Tuesdy rolled around, and at 2.30 I stopped by my bishops office at my bishops office on campus. By six thirty I had my recommend. I had been told that they were hesitant to let someone pull out their endowments too soon before the wedding an ere I am, going through with t family ... Tomorrow!!!! So what's the lesson? I don't know as much about the Lord's will as I thought. I thought I knew what he wanted of me, but I was do convinced I shouldn't get endowed this week. Huh. Goes to show I need to work in seeking the Lord's will, and I think I'll start with step three. Being the corny, hopeless romantic I am, I am grateful I have the chance to start welding a spiritual bond with Rachel. I am SO excited to see where it takes us! I can't wait to get even closer to her!!! I just wanted to give her a shout out and tell her how special she is. Hon, you're incredible, and I love you very much. I'm completely flattered that you chose me to be your husband Michael White

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