Thursday, April 5, 2012

Job Hunt

Hey everyone!!!! I had an amazing week that had some pretty powerful lessons in it.

First!!! ... The good news ... I got an internship with the Church's ICS Department!!! Meaning, I have a software engineering internship for the church this summer!!!!!

The journey was interesting, though, and I'd like to tell you about it if I could. It started with getting a call from them saying that some more managers at the ICS Department were saying they wanted some more resumes, and to spread them, they needed my permission. This was amazing in of itself, but my initial Impression was that this would be a fall internship, not a summer internship. So once this became a possibility, Rachel and I needed to decide what we would do if the internship became a possibility.

With a fall internship came the necessity of pushing back my graduation a semester, so I counseled with my dad, my grandpa, Rachel, and came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea; they have benefits to put you through school, so putting graduation off a semester was worth getting my foot in the door.

Then I found out that the internship was for the summer. So what do I do? I had already accepted an internship in Provo, which would further develop my iPhone and iPad developing skills. Which was the correct choice?

The problem I found with this decision is I was worried my biases were clouding my judgment. As I prayed about the issue, I felt strongly like the choice was my choice. This didn't help. I'm really grateful that everyone let me work through the issue on my own. When it came down to it, the choice was clear; work for the church.

I'm just grateful for the experience. I've never had to make a choice between multiple good choices before. It has been a good week, and now I get work on the Joseph Smith Papers Website. See you next week!!!!!!!!!

Michael White

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