Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a good week

Hey everyone! Here's my post for the week!

I must say, Rachel is the most incredible woman on the planet. We had the most bonding experience last week, and it's thanks in large part to Rachel's goodness.

So here's how it went down; Rachel comes to me, glowing and ever so happy, and just tells me that she get it! She tells me that she knows what she needs to do, she promises to do it, and she told me like a hundred times that she loves me :). The thing was, you could feel the Spirit just glowing in her; whatever happened to her that night, it's been incredible and blessed us exceedingly.

We haven't been the same since. Because of that, I learned an incredibly powerful lesson, one that has changed me. Rachel is the greatest woman ever, and I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy; especially after Rachel just gets even better at times like this.

Well, I finally realized that the point isn't for me to be my best self to deserve Rachel, the point is for us to become our best selves, together, relying on each other and Jesus Christ. The point? I learned that I really CAN do anything because I have Rachel in my life. Working together with her, supported on the foundation of Christ, I really can do anything, even let go of my imperfections, even keep my head high when I fall short of my expectations. Rachel's just wonderful; We're going to have such a blissfully happy life together; I love her so much.

School's going good, and I can't wait to get married. The closer we get as a couple, the harder it gets. Ugh. The next six weeks (on the dot ;) ), are a challenge I'm looking forward to conquering.

I learned a great lesson that I'd like to share before I end my post for the week. I felt in conference that I should write down the impressions of the Spirit I get. Well, put simply, I feel like a new spiritual man as I have done this. It's incredible to know how many promptings the Lord will give us in our lives as we listen. We had a lesson on stress management in my business class. I felt like I had stress management down, so I wasn't paying attention. Well, I had an impression that if I would study the handout she gave us, I would learn ways to improve how i do things. By writing it down, it's been impressed upon my mind much deeper than had I not wrote it down. Same thing goes with all of the other things I've written down. I've been blessed with a closer relationship with the Holy Ghost, and that's incredible.

I love all of you, and I thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you all have a fantastic week! Kristin Groner, Rachel and I are coming to see you once you get home!

Michael White

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