Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break!!!

Oh my goodness guys, I had the best Spring Break. I have like the world's greatest family. Not even kidding. I went to see Grandma and Grandpa Anderson on Friday. Oh my gosh, the feeling that was there on Friday ... It's not something i'm going to forget any time soon. I'm really grateful for Grandpa's efforts to get his family history down on paper. I saw grandma and grandpa's pictures, or at least some of them. I got to look at pictures and such from grandpa and grandma's parents and life before they were grandma and grandpa. I don't know ... realizing my grandparents were kids just like me once ... I felt so close to them. It was so nice to just talk about life, about my dad, and about how wonderful everybody is. Saturday I seen Aunts and Uncles I haven't seen in a while, and that was fun too. I ... I don't know, just suffice it to say my family rocks. My family on both sides. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I seen Anna and Heather and AJ too this week, and it was so nice to see them as well. I was originally going to go to Texas for Spring Break, but that didn't happen when I discovered the cheapest ticket was eight hundred bucks. I'm going to see mom in the summer, and for that i'm really grateful too. I'm really grateful for the big man upstairs, and for how good he's treated me. I really can't fathom why he's so nice to little old me, but he is. My service mission is going really good too. I was really skeptical about taking on twenty additional hours a week, and at first I was exhausted. I'm learning though, and that's the important part. Choir isn't just something that takes up time; it's a godsend of an hour and a half that just helps me chill, and I love it :D. I can already feel this mission changing me. I was way too blah about it at first. I was treating it like a part time job. The actual work ... i'm not worried about it. I'll be good at it. The thing that has hit me time and time again is that i'm an official representative of Jesus Christ now. Striving to meet that challenge has blessed my life more than I can describe, and i'm just starting. Oh my goodness, i'm so excited. I'm facing life head-on and I love it. Until next week! PS - I love you guys. A lot.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Post

I'm starting a blog now :D. Spring Break came, and I've learned a lot since yesterday. I ate dinner with my Uncle Maurice, and it was such a nice meal; we went to Olive Garden. We were just talking about family, and he asked me if I call mom often. I ... to be honest, I don't call her near as much as I should. That's where the blog comes in. I figured a blog would be a great way to let my family know how I am doing and what's going on in my life. I ... the only thing I can say is I love my family and friends, a lot more than I could ever possibly express. That's why I'm starting this blog; I want you guys to be involved in my life. So yeah, this is the first of many; I'll update this once a week, so adios until next week guys!!!