Saturday, January 19, 2013

Almost Graduated!

Hey everyone! Figured I'd update my blog; it's been a while.

So, work is actually getting really really fun! Training had been slow. I prayed to Father and He inspired me to really take charge of my training. I spread myself far and wide, asking for work, and now I'm getting my own jobs, start to finish. This feels like the beginning of the rest of my internship. Starting now, I'm experienced enough to take on me own jobs; I look forward to work more and more every day.

This semester had proved to be a different sort of challenge. I'm not in any programming classes, so I figured this semester would be cake. Well, instead of programming assignments, I have readings due in all of my classes each period. So I'm actually a lot busier than I was. At first it was hard, but I have adjusted to it.

The biggest shocker, though, is my ethics class. I was "so" excited about it. It's a philosophy class, though, so we started reading a book from Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics. Turns out the whole premise of the book is that the more good actions you make, the better of a person you are, the happier you'll be. Cool, right? This book just screamed Gospel to me.

I haven't been disappointed, not in the least. It's been the coolest book, And it's my favorite class. Here's some of the things I learned:
-Being good and being happy are the same thing, as being good allows us to experience joys that transcend physical pleasure
-we become good by consistently choosing to do good things; the things we choose to do become a part of who we are
-There are certain actions that are always wrong, and will never lead to happiness
-the characteristic of humans that make us special is our ability to reason, to make rational choices.

Like I said, cool book, huh? I've marveled and how close to the Gospel Aristotle hit, and I've eaten it up, it's been so edifying

I'll end with something I've noticed about my marriage. First, I have a great wife. Every days a good day because I get one more day with her. I've learned though that my attitude has had a profound difference on both of us, and vice versa. As I am happy, it is so much easier for Rachel to be happy, etc. The Lord loves us, and continues to be good to us. Well, I'll talk to you later!!!