Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things are actually happening

Im doing this from my phone, so of there are typos I'm really sorry :) Auto-correct for ye lose, right? Regardless, this week has been a good week and I've learned a bunch of lessons. The first thing that's hitting me stronger and stronger every day is how things are actually happening. It's dead week right now, the week before finals. Well, the n of ye semester still seems a little surreal to me. I know it in my head, but I haven't comprehended yet that in a week and a half, I start my internship, this semester will be over, and I'll be married faster than I can sneeze. Mike did a fantastic job on the wedding announcements :). Just ... Wow ... I'm getting married! Well, I have exciting news! I'm going to the temple to receive my endowment tomorrow! It's a crazy story, and I've leaned a lot, so here goes: I have been planning this entre engagement to just get endowed a week before the wedding. Not a big deal, right? Well, ye other day it dawned on me that because I'll be moving into our apartment alone for three weeks, that would be a great time to go through the temple; having God on my mind at work, and t home, would be a great way to deal with the loneliness and intense pressure I'm expecting as our wedding draws near. Well, after talking to Rachel about this, it felt good, so ... Strate looking into getting endowed on finals week. Well, Bishop was okay with that on Sunday! So ... I called my grandpa to get things worked out. He couldnt do it on finals week. What do I do? This is where the lesson comes in. I figured I'd try to get endowed this week, but I felt strongly like I was throwing my time table on the Lord's, so I didn't expect anything to happen. Well, Tuesdy rolled around, and at 2.30 I stopped by my bishops office at my bishops office on campus. By six thirty I had my recommend. I had been told that they were hesitant to let someone pull out their endowments too soon before the wedding an ere I am, going through with t family ... Tomorrow!!!! So what's the lesson? I don't know as much about the Lord's will as I thought. I thought I knew what he wanted of me, but I was do convinced I shouldn't get endowed this week. Huh. Goes to show I need to work in seeking the Lord's will, and I think I'll start with step three. Being the corny, hopeless romantic I am, I am grateful I have the chance to start welding a spiritual bond with Rachel. I am SO excited to see where it takes us! I can't wait to get even closer to her!!! I just wanted to give her a shout out and tell her how special she is. Hon, you're incredible, and I love you very much. I'm completely flattered that you chose me to be your husband Michael White

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a good week

Hey everyone! Here's my post for the week!

I must say, Rachel is the most incredible woman on the planet. We had the most bonding experience last week, and it's thanks in large part to Rachel's goodness.

So here's how it went down; Rachel comes to me, glowing and ever so happy, and just tells me that she get it! She tells me that she knows what she needs to do, she promises to do it, and she told me like a hundred times that she loves me :). The thing was, you could feel the Spirit just glowing in her; whatever happened to her that night, it's been incredible and blessed us exceedingly.

We haven't been the same since. Because of that, I learned an incredibly powerful lesson, one that has changed me. Rachel is the greatest woman ever, and I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy; especially after Rachel just gets even better at times like this.

Well, I finally realized that the point isn't for me to be my best self to deserve Rachel, the point is for us to become our best selves, together, relying on each other and Jesus Christ. The point? I learned that I really CAN do anything because I have Rachel in my life. Working together with her, supported on the foundation of Christ, I really can do anything, even let go of my imperfections, even keep my head high when I fall short of my expectations. Rachel's just wonderful; We're going to have such a blissfully happy life together; I love her so much.

School's going good, and I can't wait to get married. The closer we get as a couple, the harder it gets. Ugh. The next six weeks (on the dot ;) ), are a challenge I'm looking forward to conquering.

I learned a great lesson that I'd like to share before I end my post for the week. I felt in conference that I should write down the impressions of the Spirit I get. Well, put simply, I feel like a new spiritual man as I have done this. It's incredible to know how many promptings the Lord will give us in our lives as we listen. We had a lesson on stress management in my business class. I felt like I had stress management down, so I wasn't paying attention. Well, I had an impression that if I would study the handout she gave us, I would learn ways to improve how i do things. By writing it down, it's been impressed upon my mind much deeper than had I not wrote it down. Same thing goes with all of the other things I've written down. I've been blessed with a closer relationship with the Holy Ghost, and that's incredible.

I love all of you, and I thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you all have a fantastic week! Kristin Groner, Rachel and I are coming to see you once you get home!

Michael White

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Job Hunt

Hey everyone!!!! I had an amazing week that had some pretty powerful lessons in it.

First!!! ... The good news ... I got an internship with the Church's ICS Department!!! Meaning, I have a software engineering internship for the church this summer!!!!!

The journey was interesting, though, and I'd like to tell you about it if I could. It started with getting a call from them saying that some more managers at the ICS Department were saying they wanted some more resumes, and to spread them, they needed my permission. This was amazing in of itself, but my initial Impression was that this would be a fall internship, not a summer internship. So once this became a possibility, Rachel and I needed to decide what we would do if the internship became a possibility.

With a fall internship came the necessity of pushing back my graduation a semester, so I counseled with my dad, my grandpa, Rachel, and came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea; they have benefits to put you through school, so putting graduation off a semester was worth getting my foot in the door.

Then I found out that the internship was for the summer. So what do I do? I had already accepted an internship in Provo, which would further develop my iPhone and iPad developing skills. Which was the correct choice?

The problem I found with this decision is I was worried my biases were clouding my judgment. As I prayed about the issue, I felt strongly like the choice was my choice. This didn't help. I'm really grateful that everyone let me work through the issue on my own. When it came down to it, the choice was clear; work for the church.

I'm just grateful for the experience. I've never had to make a choice between multiple good choices before. It has been a good week, and now I get work on the Joseph Smith Papers Website. See you next week!!!!!!!!!

Michael White