Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hey again! just sending you a quick weekly update!

So yeah, not much new has been happening lately, except for the job hunt. I'm graduating college in May, so its been time to look for a job. I have a few places that still look promising.

I may have a shot at a place called Xactware where my really good friend works. That would be a sweet job. 

I interviewed at a place right by Thanksgiving Point called SolutionReach. The atmosphere is really chill, and I'd enjoy working there I think.

Most I'm just really tired of being 2 1/2 hours away from the family. I feel so drawn to home, and I can't go home very often. We're ready to move back home.

Other places that might work out: The Church. I ran into them at a career fair today, and it seems promising! Super excited. Hill Air Force base in Ogden might also be a place where I could.

Haha, shoot we're just keeping our fingers crossed at this point. Just because one place looks promising doesn't mean much. I wouldn't feel comfortable placing all of my chips in one place, so we're working as hard as we can to do otherwise.

Well, as far as other things that have been new, I've been really enlightened about Marriage and my wife. Probably the best thing about getting married, period, is realizing that a wonderful woman like my wife has trusted me with everything. I get the honor of knowing what she thinks, how she feels, what her opinions are, and what means the very most to her. It means so much to me to know where she stands on all of the big things. As the days go on I marvel at what a thrill it is to be married to Rachel Virginia White. She's given herself to me, trusted me with everything. Rachel's so loving and nurturing that only places pressure on one of us. I love my wife, and I love how the Lord has granted me more knowledge about this.

That's about it for now. I can bear witness that the Lord gives us the strength to do things if we will simply seek them. The Lord asked me, a long time ago, to develop a few simple habits; exercise, meaningful scripture study, and working on the 12-Steps every day. I've been off and on, not really doing it as well as I should. He wants everyday. Well, he gave me a witness, after I was able to receive it, that the spiritual strength I get from doing those things is immeasurable. The question isn't, how can I find time to do them, the question is, how can I not? I have been much more consistent, and oh my goodness, I just feel wonderful.

Well, talk to you later everyone; thanks for letting me ramble!

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