Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lots of travel and learning

Hey everyone! I've learned a lot of life lessons these past couple of weeks, and I would like to share them with you if I could.

The first experience happened a couple of weeks ago, as I was driving home from Provo. Rachel's mom had the chance to be in a podcast about near death experiences. I start listening to it. Pretty soon in my curiosity was really piqued. These people were talking mainly about actual experiences they've had when they've died, etc ... I've died before, and I wish I remember what I saw, so naturally I got really into it.

One guy said something really interesting that stuck with me. He said that before I had his experience, he thought that praying involved "getting on his knees and saying stuff". He then said that when he prays now, what he does is he is quiet and allows the chance for light and truth to enter his heart.

So ... I tried it. The rest of the way home, I was still, and listened. The Lord prompted me to bring my concerns to him, and I did. It resulted in learning a lot about things I can do to help other people. A lot of things. I was blown away by how powerful just being still was. I remember when I was a lot more of a rebel being still was something I never. How could I? The guilt of doing the things the Lord wouldn't want me to do would come back to haunt me.

when I got home, I was so happy, and Rachel and I enjoyed a blissful evening of just being together.

The other experience I wanted to share happened last Tuesday. I had the chance of spending the day in Salt Lake, as Rachel had a concert in Kingsburry Hall with the U of U Symphony. As I was visiting my grandma Hyatt, she told me how, for 38 years, her husband, Dallas, has written her love notes, bought her flowers, and in short did little things like that to show his wife he loves her. Grandma Hyatt does indeed feel loved. So much in fact, that there's never ever even a doubt in her mind.

I think about how sometimes I do that for my wife. Mostly I do chores around the house to show her that I love her. Well, I got thinking about how each time Rachel gets happy and feels loved, but what effect would it have on me if I were to step up my game, and be consistent for the rest of forever? The impact of little things that I don't think are too big of a deal would be become astronomical. This has left a deep impression on my mind.

Oh, and it was really fun to try and make coffee with my grandma. I really hope we put enough coffee beans in the pot :)

This lesson was strengthened as I visited my Uncle Maurice. My uncle Maurice is one of the greatest men I know. To the world, it may seem like he's a little rough around the edges, but like the people I care about the most, I couldn't care less what the world might think. He has a heart of gold. When I was growing up, I remember every holiday, birthday, Christmas, I would get a card from him. One day how much that meant hit me. Dad expressed his respect for Maurice for being so consistent in telling me he loved me. Once again, that idea of being consistent sunk deep into my heart.

I now have a much deeper desire to step up my game as a husband, to do more, and to be consistent. My personal witness of Elder Ballard's conference talk about beehives. The Lord has done a lot more to teach me about things His leaders say than I comprehend, I think. He has the most interesting way of getting things he wants me to now to sink into my heart.

Anyways, I love you guys, and I'm really grateful that I had the chance to talk about this. I hope you get something from it. I know I did.

Michael White

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