Thursday, March 14, 2013


So this week I've spent the week in Texas with mom! It's been a pretty exciting week. Yesterday mom and dad let me take the boys to a movie. We went and watched Oz, the great and powerful. Pretty good show, but I learned a couple of things in the process:
1) its going to be a very rare occasion when I tell me children to "get whatever snacks they want". Yeah, the bill for snacks ran up to about sixty dollars. I was floored.
2) I felt a lot like Rachel and I were parents. Getting everyone there safe, organizing everyone to get snacks, and ushering everyone into the movie, I really felt like a parent. That's not easy. I felt like after I become a parent, the things that make me happy are going to be completely different than the things that make me happy now. I feel like seeing my kids happy is what is going to make me happy

I am starting to believe that everyone has innate goodness in them. I have a couple of stories I think are funny. First one was with my little brothers at home. Rachel and I took Jaidon and Jordan to see once on this island. A standard musical for the younger generation. Both Jaidon and Jordan were "too cool" to go, and only went because I encouraged them to go. But by the end, BOTH of them loved it and were glued to their seats.

Same thing happened when we went to see Oz, the great and powerful. The only reason the boys consented to go see Oz, the great and powerful was because Rachel and I don't like the same types of movies they like. So yeah, no one was all that excited, but by the end, both Blake and John (the two youngest) were glued to their seats. When Oz kisses the good witch of the south, blake yelled, "just kiss her already!". So funny. When Oz scared the evil witches away, John clapped. Super funny. But yeah, I think that people are naturally born different than the world. All of us are better than the circumstances surrounding us.

Found out I'm not as young as I used to be, either. Exercised with Dillan, Blake, and John this week. I was the slowest (but steadiest) runner of the three. I physically couldn't run as fast as they could. Then, the next day, I did muscle workouts with the younger two. I tried really hard to push the boys, but ended up killing myself in the process. This is why i'm going to be consistent about exercising. I want to get in shape. I'm going to do it.

Last thought, I realized this week that spending quality time with people is a proactive endeavor. If you don't make time for it, it doesn't happen. Clear as mud? The times I made the effort to spend time with the family was wonderful! had the funnest time playing charades. The young bucks got their butts' kicked by the married folks ;) Super fun :)

Well, until next time. Love all of you!!!

Michael White

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